First, why did we do this? After coming to know my Savior and hearing about what He went through for me and my sinning self, I decided that I would honor him with my life. I vowed to follow Him and let Him lead me even when it isn't exactly what I have in mind or my idea of fun. Time and time again, the Lord has told me not to be a slave to fear. He has many times, warned me that acting, or not acting out of fear would hinder me from some very mind-blowing experiences. 

I wanted to do what Jesus did in any way I could; I wanted to somehow sacrifice my body, my comfort, almost as a repentance, but not a repayment. The Lord does not ask that of us. I wanted to have a true natural birth and experience what my body was meant to do. To maybe go through some pain like my Lord did, but for the love and good of someone else. 

I also did not like my two hospital births and the way women are dismissed as incapable of knowing more about our own bodies than some doctor. The amount of fear they fill our heads with is insane. All the small things the average person is made to believe are medical emergencies, immediately signaled a red flag for me and my pact with the Lord to not live in fear. In addition, Dads are typically brushed off as incompetent and merely in the way. My husband, was an integral part of the process of creating the life and I believe he is just as important in the birthing process as well. 

I also abhor the interventions and truth be told, we have an astronomically high c-section rate in America that even the WHO says is unjustifiable. I did not want to fall victim to the "cascade of interventions." I was not going the hospital route again. I believe the hospital and doctors are wonderful for certain situations and great for those who need it or even just want it, but I do not believe my situation warranted hospital birth. I trust the Lord and what He told us more than doctors.

I never knew homebirth was even legal until a dear friend of mine had one. We looked for midwives but never found one we loved and who was willing to let us have an intimate birth like we wanted. So we prayed and got word that unassisted birth was a possibility. Our families, with the exception of my father in law, were very worried, which is completely feasible and we respected that. However, we never were. We were given specific word from the Lord on it. 

We had no need to worry, we were trusting completely in Him. He also made sure that I was in contact with people who had similar experiences to encourage us. A friend of mine, who had no idea about our want to birth unassisted, contacted me asking about our plans for home birth, (which I had made public, but not the unassisted part) and surprisingly, informed me she was planning an unassisted birth. Coincidence? I think not.

Also, I am very healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, nutritionally, very low-risk and a perfect candidate for home birth.

So, to the story. On 1/16, at my 36 week appointment, I was a little over 2 cm dilated. However, by 1/30, my 38 week appointment, I had regressed and was barely a fingertip. I read about natural labor induction and was completely set on "evicting" my little one. Then, I had a change of heart and decided I wanted the baby to come when God wanted it to come. I did however read about effacement and found that if one is not effacing enough, or properly, it can lead to dilation reversal. So I did take three capsules of evening primrose oil Saturday night around midnight. I was okay with taking them because I read that they DO NOT induce labor, only "possibly" aid with effacement.

Well...they WORKED! I guess within a few hours, they effaced me enough to where I had dilated and was having regular contractions by 4am Sunday. I woke Vernon up at about 4:30am and we just kinda timed the contractions for a bit using an iPad app until we saw that they were coming every maybe 5-6 minutes and were lasting 1 minute 30 seconds each one.  Vernon started filling up the birth pool and boiling water at about 5:15am. The girls were all asleep. I was working really well through the contractions and just breathing through them, so I never woke them. 

By about 6:30am they were coming every, maybe 3-4 minutes. At that time, I was getting very tired. We didn't go to bed until 12:30am, and we were up very early Saturday morning at Anya's competition (our girly won 1st place in a multi-county speech competition! :-)) and I had done a TON of walking that day. So, I was beat. I just decided the only way I would make it out alive, was to sleep between the contractions. Yes, that measly 3 minute interval was my lifeline! But it worked. 

I was in our bedroom in the recliner with the feet up and the back only slightly reclined. When I felt one coming, I would push my feet against the open foot rest and raise my pelvis a bit to give some comfort and then doze right back off. A few times when I just didn't want to feel anything, I called out, "Oh, God! Lord Jesus, please make this a short one!" And HE DID! Not kidding at all! Lol! The recliner worked until maybe 7:30am, at which point, my water broke. I was so happy that Vernon had put a covering down!

Vernon was having trouble getting the pool warm enough. There just weren't enough pots in the world to boil and make the water hot! The contractions started getting really intense by 8am and I went to sit on the toilet. Not to use the bathroom, but because I had read that the opening of the toilet seat helps bring the baby down and relieve the pain. Vernon was an AMAZING help through this. I held on to him for leverage because I was feeling weak. (in retrospect, I was not drinking enough water...bad momma!) The toilet worked for a while, until my legs and feet started to fall asleep. 

By 8:30am I decided to try the bathroom floor. Vernon brought a huge comforter and we made a makeshift bed on the master bathroom floor with lots of pillows. This was great, because I was on all fours, rocking back and forth to relieve the pain/pressure, but this is also when the contractions became very intense. A few times I was thinking, "What did I do? How am I going to get through this. I can't do this!" I remember reading though, that typically, when one gets to this point, that means the end is almost near. 

I found great comfort in this realization and decided to call God closer. The contractions were literally coming back to back. I don't even know how close they were, but close enough that I called out to Him, "Please, have mercy on me Lord!" Funny thing is, again, He did! Right at that point, that contraction ended. 

By this time, the girls were awake and getting dressed, super excited! Vernon also realized the pool was going to be too cold, so he started the tub water in our bathroom. I didn't care about the pool anymore, as I was still on the floor, comfy and not wanting to move. I told Vernon I felt the head coming down the birth canal, he looked and said, no he didn't see anything. He left to do something and I got up to get my cup of water on the sink and attempt to get into the bathtub. 

As soon as I got up, a MASSIVE contraction hit and I got into a squat, instantly, I felt a rush of pressure. Vernon returned, he was only gone for about 30 seconds literally. I told him, for sure the head was coming. He looked again, and said, yep! definitely, it was there! The girls all came in. Anya was taking pictures, Aiyanna was fetching last minute towels, camera etc. Mandi was Vernon's Vernon had set up the laptop to record, so we could relive the moment. (which he has done at least 3 times a day, every day since Sunday!) 

I NEVER PUSHED. Pushing is unnecessary, the contractions do all the work. In addition, I didn't want to tear. (and I didn't!) With each contraction, I just released all my being and let my body take over. I felt a mild burning feeling, which I had read was referred to as the "ring of fire" it is when the head It was NOT as bad as some women made it out to be, but I understand that everyone's pain threshold is different. 

At that point, I delivered his head to his eyes. The next contraction brought his whole body. (again I never pushed) His head and shoulders emerged, his body twisted, Vernon was waiting to catch him and he was here! All in one contraction! God was soooooo good! 

Vernon not only caught his first son, (he now enjoys his title as THE best quarterback) clamped his cord, cut it, covered him, held him closely and was the first to kiss him! Just beautiful! (Labor is NOT like it is portrayed on television! I was not out of control and screaming in agony, nor was I cursing and beating my husband!) All of the girls were present, calm and enthralled at the miracle they just witnessed.

It was the most indescribable, transcendent experience EVER! That morning, Vernon was a person I've never met before! There are no words, just none, to describe my husband on that day, but it was clear, the Trinity was with him! He rubbed the baby's back suctioned his mouth and he cried! I was still exhausted and never even thought about asking what the baby was. After Vern got him crying, he yelled out..."Ohhh look at that penis! It's a boy!!" And the girls and I all yelled out! "Awww it's a boy!!" 

And so it was! 9:25am, on February 3, 2013, Noah Vernon was born! I nursed him immediately, we had a few face time calls with family. I took an herbal bath while Vernon and the girls loved on him and then I got back in the bed to relish in the day! It was a God-breathed experience! If we are ever blessed with more children, we both decided we would do it exactly the same way (if the Lord sees fit); relying on God through every single second! 

I am feeling the best I have ever felt following birth. I was up and about the same day, I have no back pain since I didn't get an epidural, my bleeding was VERY minimal and after just 3 days, the bleeding is nearly non existent. My stomach has gone back down almost to pre-pregnancy and in fact, I was at the grocery store yesterday, two days after giving birth and a cashier that I made friends with said that if she didn't know I was pregnant, she would have never known at all that I had just given birth.

As for Vernon, he has, no joke, edited the video with music and captions and has watched it over and over and over again since Sunday! I experienced a new level of love, closeness and teamwork in my marriage that I do not believe could ever be topped. It was all just perfect! 


  1. Your birth story is beautiful! You should share it, there is a birth story link up for Christian women going on this tuesday at There is also a biweekly pregnancy/birth/postpartum topics link up at a blog called My Joy filled life,

    1. Thanks so much for that information Del! Only problem is, I am so new to this, I have no idea how to participate. Lol!

    2. Sorry I'm just getting back to you, but the link up is still going on, it's super easy to link up your birth story. Just go here: Then scroll down to where others have linked up their birth stories and underneath their pics you'll see a blue button that says "add your link". Click it and follow the instructions to fill out the three blank areas, adding the link to this page for your birth story (the url), put the title of your post in the name space and enter your email in that space (it won't be shared). When you hit the button that says "next step" you'll have the option to pick a picture to share from your post, you can crop it or not. Then you're all done!