Why homeschool? Honestly, I never knew homeschooling was an option in America, let alone that I would one day be my children's full-time teacher! I know it sounds silly, but I didn't! My husband and I grew up in the North suburbs of Chicago. We attended academically "excellent" public schools and went on to notable universities. I presume our parents never saw a need for homeschool. Apparently, next to none of the parents in our town saw a need, because I did not know of a single person schooling at home by choice. I always thought that if a child were "schooled at home" they must have had behavioral issues. Right?

Then we moved to Georgia, what a great push that was from the Lord! I thank Him for that quite often. Our move here and the passing of my grandfather sparked our interest in figuring out what the big deal was about this being, God. A blessed chain of events ensued immediately following! We fell in love with the Lord, I mean, on fire for Him! Our lives were transformed, we had life with new meaning, a new outlook. It was like being given a new pair of glasses. 

We saw that along with many other aspects in our lives, our daughters' education needed a bit of God as well. We decided that if we were truly going to make the Great I Am, the center of lives, He had to be in the center of everything. How I would have loved to have learned about and lived Jesus growing up. We had a chance to make the Redeemer, the difference for our children. How awesome!

So, after tons and tons of back and forth on the subject of education, lots of studying the Bible on wisdom and instruction, blessings for obedience showered upon each generation, (and some wonderful sermons/readings from Voddie Baucham) my husband and I decided homeschooling was the best way for us to truly be our children's first teacher and to impress on their hearts the absolute Truth. That the Lord our God, the Lord is One! We want them to love the Lord our God with all their heart, their soul and their strength. So we keep them under the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical safety of our home and instruction.

"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." - Proverbs 22:6

Here are a few pictures of what we've been up to at the Smith Academy over the past few months when I was "postless". Can you tell that most days, we really love school!?

Winter mittens craft. 
I don't remember which blog I got the idea for this from, but she thoroughly enjoyed it!

All done!

Our 100th day celebration!
They were super excited that we got a great coupon from DD which made these donuts possible!

Thanksgiving Turkeys...and a dog! 
Apparently our sweet dog Ace wanted to be in the picture. :-)

Sowing in the garden

"Milking" a cow at the children's museum

Learning division with Skittles, what could be better?

Mandi's getting involved too!

Our student reader for the day

Making quick sand!!


A cool magnet mosaic set we got not too long ago

How awesome!

Hard workers! Look at all that math!

"H is for hippo" craft.
Thanks Confessionsofahomeschooler!

The finished product!