Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How this blog came to be

On April 25, 2011, my life changed. It was the sixth most major (hmm...most major? It enhances the majorliness. I guess it works) day of my life, behind being born (hey, it was huge for me!), getting married, having children and coming to know my Lord and Savior. I began homeschooling my princesses!

After tons and tons of back and forth on the subject of education and not being 100% in love with the public school in our area, my husband and I decided homeschooling was the best way for us to truly be our children's first teacher. This blog, in addition to being a great way to chronicle our homeschool adventures, my journey through marriage and motherhood and what God is teaching me along the way, is in many ways, a gift for my ridiculously amazing, supportive, selfless (ok, I won't use every wonderful adjective to describe him, but rest assured he is ALL of them) husband, so that even when we are utilizing walkers and Depends, he will be able to read this and reminisce.  

You see, Vernon has urged me to take pictures/video daily because his memory is not as sharp as mine. If it weren't for that fact that he sees the girls everyday, he would surely forget they ever existed. Okay, well his memory isn't that horrid, but, it really isn't great. So, this is really a gift for him. Anyway, I guess I'll introduce our beautiful joys.

Anya Alyssa: (twin 1 of 2)
Born May 22, 2002, she is our first child. She changed our lives completely. A new love, one that could never be explained was introduced to us when Anya was born. She was a little princess but not too cool for the other babes in her nursery school, all of whom she "yubbed". She always captured the hearts of her teachers and of course, quickly became the favorite along with her twin. At three she and her sister managed to win special treatment from their teachers who would allow them to skip their nap and dine with the adults while the other toddlers slept.  She was always daddy's girl.

Fast forward to today and Anya's personality is quite unchanged. She is still daddy's girl, still very social, sweet, friendly, welcoming and caring. Despite professing at four years old that she wanted to be a phlebotomist when she grew up, Anya's passion is art. She can replicate almost any picture she sees with frightening precision.  She spends a lot of time time at the moment drawing the characters from the PBS Kids show Arthur. Surely if Anya continues honing in on her skill and it is God's will, her work will be featured in a gallery one day. Anya is a sweetheart that we are so proud to call our own! Thank you God for our firstborn!

Aiyanna Amanda: (twin 2 of 2)
Also born May 22, 2002,  (obviously right? Well, I always think about the twins born at 11:59 one night and 12:01 am the next day) Aiyanna differs quite a bit from her twin. Aiyanna, from birth was always very quiet and sensitive, often opting to have quiet time with Mommy or look at the pictures in her board books. She was always and still is mommy's girl. Though very friendly, Aiyanna was never very keen on initiating friendships and would almost always let her "big" sister pick their friends. Because she would never dream of hurting even a fly, Aiyanna often lost many "baby food battles" to her sister Anya.

To this day, she continues to lose battles not only to her older sister but her younger one as well because of her extremely kind heart. She is the most humble, sweet and amazingly compassionate little girl. Though not an artist Aiyanna has a soft spot for innocent helpless creatures like animals and has always said that she wants to be a vet when she grows up. Again, so long as God is willing. Aiyanna is so nurturing and plays the role of little mommy to her baby sister Amanda whom she adores. We are so blessed to have Aiyanna in our lives!

Amanda Isabelle: (singleton...weird for us ;-)
Born July 24, 2008 Amanda, whom we call Mandi is the life of the house! Afterall, she has twin big sisters. She has been the boss since she came home from the hospital. Even the pets were at her beck and call; she napped in her swing a few times with our kitty in her lap. She was mistaken by many for a doll! Truly! Many times I was told that people thought I was holding the twins' baby doll. She was and still is so absolutely precious. Mandi is deceptively shy, often clinging to me in any social situation.

She has enough energy to fuel our van for a week. She is a night owl and many times she will lay awake in her room watching Curious George until 2 am. I am beginning to believe that Curious George my be the cause of the recent string of injuries that she has sustained. In the past three months she has attempted to wrangle our cat and was subsequently beaten up by him...literally! She was sitting down and he stood up and began bopping her in the head repeatedly. She escaped with a cut ear and damaged ego but otherwise, okay. She has sprained her ankle, bruised her chin, fallen from the back of the couch and cut her forehead on the fireplace (another cat related incident) all within the last 2-3 months. 

Mandi is the girl that anytime she puts on a fancy dress, she proudly proclaims that she is "getting married...to Daddy!" (she adores her Daddy!) Despite the fact that she harasses our pets on an hourly basis, abuses her big sisters and inflicts "love pinches" on us all, she is a very loving and sweet little girl. She tells me all the time that God lives in her heart! God showed how much he loves us when he gave Mandi to us!

So, those are our girls in short version. Long story short, I believe with all of my heart, that being with my girls to teach them academically as well as spiritually, socially, emotionally etc. is what God has called me to do. Being an at-home mom is not something I ever envisioned, let alone homeschooling! God has placed our family right where he wants us and I am so happy to do whatever it is that I am called to do, to glorify Him! So, grab a ticket for the theme park that is our home, our school, our homeschool!

Our family!
Easter 2011

Mandi being beautiful! 07/2010

Our little kangaroos!

Our first visit to Atlanta 03/2010

So in love with Kitty

Of course...Anya's daddy's girl.
The Easter bunny! (Easter 2011)

Working their brains at the Kohl Children's Museum, Chicago. 5th birthday party!

She is just too cute 08/2010
Anya was so proud of her curly hair
Daddy treated her to a day at the spa for Valentines Day 2009

I really miss my super chunky baby! 06/2009

Sisterly love

Dad's princess

Anya's too cool

Mom and babe

Mandi was so excited when she figured out how to do that!

Dad and his girls. Beautiful!

Thinking...wow, God has really transformed our lives!

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  1. You have a very beautiful family! I enjoyed reading about your kids. They are precious!