Sunday, July 10, 2011

Snack Time Survival Kit from My Baby's Green

If your kids are anything like mine, you probably get really tired of hearing, "When is snack?" "What's for snack?" "Is it snack time yet??" So, I set out to find a solution for this minor, yet frequent annoyance. I read on the Whole Foods website, a comment about this really cool product called the Snack Time Survival Kit by Beanstalk Express.

So, I set out to get one. Then I realized they're $50, and being frugal, that was not acceptable for me. So I went to eBay...I got one there for $15! Score! Yeah, then I got it home and the main clock didn't work, rendering it useless. Thank God, I was able to get a refund! Then I found out about a giveaway from My Baby's Green. Awesome, I can possibly get a working one for free! So I signed up, not expecting to win since I NEVER win anything.
Guess what? I won! Cool huh? Maybe this will help with the perpetual questions, "What's for snack? When is snaaack?"


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