Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Countdown Begins...

Summer is almost over! I am quite pleased to say that. I'm sure I'm not the only mom in the world that is somewhat relieved to see summer winding down. I (my kids as well, though they won't admit it) am in dire need of a more consistent schedule. My two younger sisters have been visiting us from Chicago since mid June. Though we love having them and all the fun that's associated with them and summer, we fall into the regular 2 am bedtime and the awful 10:30 - 11:00 am wake up time. Not cool!

One sister left earlier this week and immediately, I felt the need to nest and get our classroom in order. My other sister is leaving next week and then August 8th, school will be in session! I'm so excited for our first full year of homeschool! We have so much planned. I have to finish up Mandi's curriculum, which I am compiling on my own. I am using the concept of "______ of the week". Simple enough, we will go from letters A-Z, numbers 1-30, various shapes and colors as well as one word for each week. I am excited to see her a little more focused this year. (If "focus" even exists in 3 year olds!)

So here's the update on the girls:
Anya - turned 9 on May 22nd
 - is working on new ways to be more patient and helpful with her little sisters.
 - loves and takes very good care of her Tomagatchi she got for her birthday.
 - has created and maintained a virtual life on throughout the summer.
 - is, for the first time since 1st grade, excited about school starting!
 - has worked on division and 3 digit multiplication extensively this summer.
 - took a very nervous ride on a cable car for the first time this summer. (to the top of Stone Mountain)
 - completed her first ropes course at Stone Mountain Park last week!
 - got her first real zits this summer...ewww!
 - a very healthy eater and open to trying new things.
 - enjoys watching medical anomaly shows on TLC like, "The Girl With No Face" and "The Man With the 100 Pound Tumor"

Aiyanna - turned 9 on May 22nd
 - is working really hard to express her emotions in ways other than crying.
 - is a devoted mom to her Tomagatchi, which often wakes her up early in the morning to clean up it's
 - has also begun a life on
 - has a new found interest in latch hooking.
 - got her first major blemish break out this summer also!
 - attempted a rock wall for the first time...and conquered it!
 - also completed her first ropes course at Stone Mountain Park last week.
 - enjoyed her first cable car ride. (to the top of Stone Mountain)
 - has a love hate relationship with candy. (it's yummy, but often makes her tummy hurt.)
 - is a very healthy eater and is open to trying new dishes.
Amanda - turned 3, 4 days ago! July 24th
 - continues to be the bully of the house.
 - counts to 16!
 - knows the colors yellow, blue, red, orange, green and purple (knows pink sometime, but depending on the hue, confuses it with red or purple other times)
 - recognizes letters A, B, C, and O.
 - recognizes her name as well as her sisters' names.
 - really enjoys her daily chore of feeding our cat and dog.
 - changes her clothes an average of 4 times per day.
 - loves to wear long dresses which she calls "really down"
 - refuses to wear pajamas, but rather the most fancy holiday dress she can find.
 - goes to bed at about 2:30 am, wakes up at 10:30 (this will be over VERY soon!)
 - continues to be a finicky eater, loving things one week and refusing them the next.
 - is really in love with her daddy and has recently begun to chose him over mom in certain situations.
 - asks everyday if we are having another baby. She really wants a baby sister, but suggests that daddy have a baby boy and mommy have a baby girl.
 - loves to talk about church and frequently asks when we're going, but often backs out and cries at her classroom door Sunday mornings.
 - continues to be a major daredevil!
 - is going to begin her first year of pre-k this year...AT HOME!

That's all for now, I'll be back in the next week as we begin our school year! Until then!

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