Wednesday, April 17, 2013

6 Ways Murder Became Abortion

You know, murder really saddens me. In fact, I think most people would say murder makes them pretty upset. Here's the thing though, murder under the guise of the term "abortion" is cause for outrage! Why are more people not outraged?

We have been spoon-fed that abortion is an acceptable means to an end. The CDC said in 2009, that abortion kills more black Americans than the seven leading causes of death COMBINED! Disgusting. Just deplorable! Not that it is wiping out black babies, but babies in general! But how? How did this happen? Here are my thoughts. Feel free to chime in here.

1) You see, first, we ignore or outright deny God's Sovereignty. When one chooses to deny or ignore the fact that the Lord reigns, the truths that sex outside of marriage is sin, He knit us in our mothers' wombs and Jesus will return on judgment day, are moot points. 

2) Second, we instill fear. This is a very close second. We allow the media to tell us and we tell ourselves that we can't or shouldn't have children because we don't have enough money, we aren't prepared, we will lose our freedom, our futures will be in question. We become less supportive of those who are pregnant, because all we can think of are the perceived, scary or negative aspects of having a baby.

See, number two only works with number one. When we acknowledge our Creator, who set the universe in place and feeds the birds of the air, certainly, we won't have to fear the future.

I became pregnant at 16 with my twins, and was encouraged by some to "abort". Absolutely NOT. I wasn't saved at that point, so I didn't know the biblical view on children, but I just knew that it was not okay. I whole-heartedly believe that because I showed my daughters mercy by allowing (because America says this is a choice) them to live, the Lord has showered me with His mercy and grace. Remember, mercy for the merciful.

3) Third, we sugar coat it by using euphemisms, like "termination" and "abortion". We don't want these women to feel like they are doing something wrong, something heinous. So long as they can hide behind fuzzy terms, many won't lose any sleep over it. I like to call it for exactly what it is. Murder.

Notice how even the word "baby" isn't used during pregnancy? No. They use terms like, "embryo" and "fetus" anything other than baby. The play on words is truly despicable. A "fetus" is not a parasite as some evil, brainwashed people have started to refer to them as.

4) Fourth, we sell sex like water. Dental floss as clothing, "family" channels showing teens that "hooking-up" is the norm, X-rated videos streamed to cell phones, and if your marriage is broken, don't fix it. No, go to one of the many websites for those seeking affairs.  My word! Sex has never been so meaningless. The more careless one is about sex, the more sex is had, the more sex, the more pregnancies, more pregnancies...more murder.

5) Promote murder as an easy fix. Went out and got wasted one night and got yourself into some "trouble"? No problem. Easy fix, abortion. Never mind, telling these women the truth that they will probably suffer residual effects of their abortion, like deep sorrow, depression and regret.

6) Paradigm shift. Babies equal money. "Unwanted" babies that is. Being an abortionist - good Lord what a term - is by many accounts, a lucrative "profession", if you will. Kermit Gosnell is a millionaire with a lavish lifestyle, funded by those precious babies he slaughtered.

Now, I am going to do my best to keep my cool here, but there are talks about "post-birth" abortion. See, we let this thing go un-checked for far too long! This is why we need to be! We can't be more moved by the prospect of "post-birth" abortion, because that will give the impression that one is worse than the other. It is ALL DISGUSTING. ALL MURDER! When one baby is aborted, generations are lost!

If a basket of kittens were abandoned on the side of the road, would we not be in an uproar? Now imagine if they were killed and left there. My goodness, the media coverage. Where is the uproar for human babies?? Where is it? Babies are blessings made in the image of God. Love in the physical manifest. 

We need to get back to the basics. We need to embrace and encourage biblical values and morals. Marriage as a precursor to sex, children as the blessings and reward that God says they are. Let's get to where there are no "unwanted" babies. In the meanwhile, let's get outraged!

Please remember and rest in the truth that, Jesus is the redeemer and Deliverer. He can make it all brand new. "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." 1 John 1:9

Our blessings, and to think, they each started out as a "fetus"


  1. Amen!!!!
    Diana J.

  2. So true!Abortion is murder.

  3. I just would add that all of this is acceptable because birth control came into the picture. This whole idea of free sex has only come around because birth control was available and therefore we can have sex without consequences. Trouble is, with this mentality, that when you get pregnant (when you were not supposed to) what do you do? The natural progression of consequences would be abortion. You never wanted it in the first place, so you are okay in terminating a child since your medication, condom, IUD, whatever didn't work. Do you see what I am saying? I made a page on facebook Come and see the evidence for yourself.

    1. You present valid points! I do agree with you. Thanks for the link!

  4. Supporting you from NC. Your blog is a blessing. Prayers!

    1. Thank you very much! Please share! :-)

  5. I would like to give some insight. Have you been raped? Have you been a victim of incest? These are very valid points to allow abortions in very early stages. These women did not choose to have sex and they should not be forced to carry a child. Adoption is possible but sometimes not an option. I have had two friends that have had abortions. One because she was stalked beat and raped. The other was a mistake in high school. Her choices were tell her parents or abort. Telling her parents meant she would be homeless beat and without help. Her family would have disowned her. She chose abortion. Now she is married has a little girl and a college degree. I would say it was the better choice. she is still a great person. Not every women that makes that choice is a bad person. Also parents don't want schools to teach sex ed or about birth control but yet preach about how abortion is wrong. Then think about all these kids that are brought into the world to drugies abusers unfit parents.not everyone should be s parent. abortion Iis not a form of birth control and should be regulated and strict. Babies are a blessing but only when ready or by love. Also mind ur own body and stay out of other peoples buisness..there are many arguments to this subject and I know we won't agree
    I just hope after reading this you think about what I said and maybe not hate or judge every woman that has made this choice

    1. First, I would like to thank you for your input. I am going to address all of your points. Now, I had to look back on my post for words of judgement, because anyone who knows me, knows, that I am not one to judge. Let's look at the use of the term "judge" for this situation, "to form an estimate or evaluation of; especially : to form a negative opinion about"

      Point out flaws in logic or confront with love? Maybe or yes Judge? No. I don't use my view or opinion to estimate one's value, nor do I form negative opinions about them. I think you have mistaken my observation and analysis of a chain of events in our society, mostly via media (the nouns "they" and "we" that I use in my post refer to the media ad society as a whole) and translated them to women who have aborted. You have 2 friends who had abortions...I have PLENTY, more than I can count. Plenty of people close to me, very close to me, who have had abortions. I would like to invite EVERY ONE of them here, to tell who amongst them, has felt that I denounced them because of their abortion. I still maintain a good relationship with them all.

      Second, let me tell you, yes, I have been raped..but no I have not been a victim of incest. Though I did not become pregnant from my rape, I can say, that I at that time, probably would have given the baby up for adoption. I say probably because at the time that I was raped, I was 14, living a godless life and more than likely, would have been under extreme pressure to abort. This is my post's #2. Through fear, we become less supportive of pregnancy. When is adoption not an option? Not being cheeky, but really asking, when.

      Third and this is the BIG issue here. That girl in high school that you speak of, that was me! I had JUST begun my junior year in high school, just turned 16 and I got pregnant. You must think that I lived some perfect, holy, cushy life growing up. To that I chuckle! Now, you use the word "mistake" (see #5, then #4), my daughter's are not mistakes, but for the sake of this post and my evidence, let's say I made a "mistake". Do you think I was ecstatic to tell my parents? If so, trust me, you do NOT know my mother! Her motto was always, "get pregnant in my house and have to get out!" (I love my mother and do not fault her for this. It has been redeemed)

      Once I became pregnant, abortion was just never a thought in my head, even though I KNEW it meant, I would be put out, and YES I did get put out. I WAS homeless, no one knew where I was or where I lived the first 7...SEVEN months of my pregnancy! (There's so much to this story, can't tell it all)

      Guess, what though, I graduated high school..early, at the end of my junior year, skipped senior year. I still went on to get that "American view of success", that good old college degree and not only did I get that degree, I got it from one of the most prestigious universities in America and it was in science. It can be done! Oh and I am now married. Having my children in high school hindered me from nothing! Because I didn't BELIEVE that it would. Our minds are in many cases bigger and stronger than matter. We don't give human ingenuity and will to survive enough credit.

      *This was too long for one response. Go on to next one...

    2. The best thing in all of my story is that my daughters now know that babies don't mean that life is over. They actually wrote us a letter thanking us for NOT ABORTING THEM! Seriously, our 10 year olds. This wasn't just your typical "I love you Mommy and Daddy for being my Mommy and Daddy", these are 2 little girls who know that they had the extreme potential to have been killed if it weren't for their Mama not conforming to this world. I will post those letters for anyone interested in seeing them.

      You say I need to mind my own business. Here's the thing though, I believe the Word and Jesus says that we are the Salt and Light of this world. Matthew 5:13-16 Please don't mistake my being salt and voicing the truth, with the purpose of bringing people to know of the Lord's love and forgiving power, for being nosy. I simply want Satan to be the only one in hell and even him, I feel bad for.

      This was much longer than I intended, but I will end with this. The Word says, "Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward." Not a reward with the caveat of "only when created in love and with perfect timing." But a reward...period. I said at the end of my post that the Lord redeems it all! "if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness." That is for the women who have aborted. They are not bad people, but I believe the choice made was a bad one. I am no ones judge, only the Lord has that title. Ask for forgiveness and you will be forgiven.

      Again, thank you for your input. Have a blessed day!

    3. I would just like to add that I was raped, and having an abortion after being raped is still murder. No matter how had being pregnant with that child would be, killing it is still murder. Call it what you will, but it doesn't change the fact. The ONLY time I can see having an abortion is to save the life of the mother. In that situation, if one or both are going to die, then it's a terrible choice I pray I never have to make.

    4. Thank you for sharing Karma! I'm sorry to hear that you were a victim like myself. That is never an easy thing. I am with you, though, I pray that I am never faced with a life and death situation like you mentioned. Let's all just pray for each other and those that are facing difficult situations that may lead them down the path to considering abortion. Have a blessed day! :-)

  6. The supporter of abortion above needs to watch that v person was saying if your parents are not perfect, you should not live. Easy to say when your ALIVE! Oh and I would bet that his friends VERY MUCH regret aborting. Sad that person finds babies to be a blessing but only in the right situation. God says do not kill. There are consequences to sin. I pray the repent bc there is forgiveness and healing

    1. The 180movie is great!! God says do not MURDER (as opposed to kill(Wars were allowed and did happen a lot)). Murder is intentionally killing someone as in going up to them and shooting on purpose. My husband has said to me " what difference is there between me walking into an abortion clinic and killing all the staff to what they do to babies every day?"
      You are right in that it is very easy to say anything while we are alive like another anti abortion group says "all those who are for abortion have already been born"

    2. So very true! I do not understand the logic. A man who gets a woman pregnant and decides he doesn't want to be a father and stays away is considered a dead-beat, selfish and terrible. A woman who get pregnant and decides she doesn't want to be a mother, now...she's pro-choice. Such a horrible double-standard.

  7. My daughter found a wonderful couple to adopt her baby through Catholic Family Services 15 years ago. All of her "friends" dropped her. They told her she should have an abortion. When she disagreed they didn't want anything to do with her.

    I just published my second series of eBooks for young teens. (However all the adults who read them love them) The Holiday Series tackles some difficult issues like attitudes about abortion, Internet bullying, earning forgiveness and more. I would love it if you and your children would read them.

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