Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Diaper day

Noah was down to his last clean diaper today, so that meant it was time to wash his "diapies" as I like to call them. He is our first child that we have used cloth diapers with and while I am enjoying it, it took me a little while to get the logistics of cleaning/soaking them, down to a science.

At first, I would do a hand pre-wash, which was way too much considering that I was not alive enough in the middle of the night to do that and I was going through too much soap washing them individually. But, I thought I had to do a prewash or they would stain and ohhhh boy, being meticulous the way I am, a stained diaper would about drive me over the edge. Anyone who knows me, knows this to be true!

So I began using Noah's bathtub as a makeshift soaking bucket. Initially, that worked well because all I had to do was a rinse off the diaper and then let it soak in the tub with some OxyClean and there were no stains! However, this presented a problem when I wanted to give the little guy a bath and it was full of diapies. Ack! So, hubby, came up with an ingenious idea. Recycle our empty kitty litter container for use as a soaking bucket!! Yessss! It is big enough to fit all 20 of our chunky monkey's diapers and it has a lid and a handle! Best of all, it was free...score!!

Cloth diapering is a bit more work than disposables, but hey, the extra work is made completely worth while for this little face.

                           Next time, I'll share with you my recipe for cloth diaper detergent! :-)


  1. The sun will help with any stains the oxyclean can't handle. :) I look forward to hearing about your detergent - I've had to buy Allen's (expensive!) or we deal with rash issues.

    1. Thanks for reading! Yes, I have heard about the sun's "de-staining" power! I will keep that in mind should I find myself dealing with stains.

      I will share my detergent recipe this week! :-)