Monday, April 15, 2013

Why I do what I do...

I've noticed that my twins seem to have restarted reading their bibles about two or three times in the past maybe two months. Today, I finally asked Anya why she is back in Genesis, she gave me an answer that left my mouth hanging. She said,

"Well, I know that I've read Genesis before and I know it pretty well, but I want to know that I know it. I don't want to think I know it. I want to know that I know it!"

Wow! She made me proud and gave me the fuel to continue poring into her and my other children. I learned something important from my little girl today. I should aim not only to know the Word, but to know that I know it. Well then Darling. As you were...


  1. Wow! That is DEEP!! Good for her! And, thank You, Lord, for speaking to that little girl's spirit and opening her eyes and her heart to You and Your Word! Thank You, for doing the same with me!! You go, Anya!!! :)

  2. Thanks Mama!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Noooo, thank you Anit! I love you more! :-)