Saturday, May 18, 2013

"Safe" Indoor Fun!

Our weather here has been finicky lately. We get a few hours of beautiful sun and birds chirping and before we know it, we're ducking for cover from hail and contemplating hunkering down in the basement due to tornado warnings.

This doesn't suit our middle Mosaic well, as she is a high energy one. She needs to be busy or else she gets quiet. Most of us know by now that when a four year old is quiet, we are in for some trouble. Something like I've shared previously. We've been inside a lot; so I have had to figure out some ways to keep this girly busy. I made her a boat out of aluminum foil and filled our largest mixing bowl 2/3 way with warm water.

She went around the house choosing small items to put in her boat to measure their weight. She was to pay attention to the depth of the boat in the water, to see which was heavier. Then she experimented with adding multiple items until her boat sank.

She played nicely for a little over an hour, in the kitchen, where I could see her. That way, I could make sure she stayed "safe", which is my code word for "not hurt and out of trouble." I don't want her to feel like I don't trust her, so rather than saying, "I need to keep an eye on you, or you'll get into something." I just tell her I'm keeping her "safe":-)

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