Sunday, January 25, 2015

2014 In Review Part 1

Another year has gone by and not a single post! No, I'm not ashamed. *covering eyes* My family keep asking me to update. So in keeping with my initial intent for this blog (a memory book for my husband) I figure, what better time than now?

January 2014
*We're expecting! Baby is due October 28, 2014

February 2014
*Our amazingly sweet and perfect little guy turned 1!
*The twins continued to work on their crocheting

March 2014
*Morning sickness kicks in and gets the best of me
*Noah turning one meant he was officially became a big boy and so he and Daddy painted his room for him to move in.

April 2014
*Still super sick, loosing weight quickly. Think...healthy baby, healthy baby!
*Our kids continued to grow and grow...

May 2014
*The twins turned 12!
*We got chickens


June 2014
*The first fruits of our garden!
*I left Facebook. It was too much of a distraction. I really needed and still need serve the Lord by focusing on my family.

The first plum from our plum tree!


  1. Hi there! So good to see something from you online. Hope you've been well! How's life and the family?

    1. Hi Del!! Thank you! My family has been giving me lots of 'gentle" reminders about updating my blog lately. I figured it was time since so much has happened in the past year. So, I'm on a posting spree, if you will. :-)

      How is your family? Are you not blogging anymore? Thanks so much for stopping by! I really appreciate it!

    2. My family and I are doing very well. We are expecting daughter number 5 Feb.16th! So, pretty much she can come whenever she wants to lol I am hoping for another beautiful waterbirth.

      Keeping up with a blog was definitely challenging for me, but I'd love to do it again, just without all the feelings of obligation, ya know? I think maintaining a smaller blog to record things that happen in your family is easier and I like that idea better than trying to write for the general public. For now, I'm not blogging, I just try and stay on top of posting pics and updates for family on our facebook page. I will definitely stay in touch and stop by your blog, its good to catch up!

    3. Oh praise God for another baby! Congratulations Del! Im so happy for you! Our baby came right on her due date. Maybe your girly has the same idea!

      Im blogging more for family memories now. It is much more enjoyable this way. Prayers for you and your new arrival sister!