Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Smells Like Fun!

Mandi is a girl of many interests and of much knowledge. We were discussing her senses and how important each one is. We also discussed how we often take them for granted until we lose one. For instance our sense of smell during a cold. 

I set up a sample station for her. She had six paper towel strips, each with it's own scent. She had to match each sample to a series of options. To make it a bit more difficult for her, I added an extra scent option. So she had six samples, but seven options.

She enjoyed sampling each scent. Her favorites were vanilla and almond extract.

In the end, she got them all right! 

Have I mentioned lately how blessed I am by the opportunity to homeschool my children? If not, I am!

What are some of your favorite projects or crafts for your littles?

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