Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Lifetime of Questions..Answered Part 2

You can find the first part of this post here.

I am a person who would rather lose a friend while seeking the truth and justice, than to know something is wrong but not say anything about it.

So, to continue on with the story, I sought out verses on prophecy, I read and meditated on them and then found an article on the subject. It was one of those, "if you have these characteristics, you may have the gift of prophecy" type of deals. Before I read it, I asked God, to make it VERY clear to me if the article describes me or not. I asked Him, like always, to make it unmistakeable. Unmistakeable it was! Every bullet point was me! I had a gift all along, but lacked the wisdom of how to use it. God is the beginning of wisdom and my word, He is doing a work in me!

I found an audio clip of Charles Stanley discussing the different spiritual gifts. The particular clip was about the gift of, you guessed it. Prophecy. I listened to it and it seemed as though my whole life was summed up in 20 minutes. I felt an indescribable "full" feeling, I felt a warm vibration. I began to cry. I now understand so much more about my existence. That I'm not just some oddly intuitive, highly passionate, nosey, weirdo.

God has revealed that I have been given the gift of prophecy! Whoa! What does this mean for me? What am I supposed to do with this now?

Well, I admit, when I hear about prophecy, I think about either biblical figures, which I am certainly not, and psychics "telling fortunes", which I wish to have nothing to do with. However, the Lord has told me, that the gift which He has given me, is not necessarily about telling the future, but rather, telling the Truth, His Truth.

After reading the scriptures and doing some google searches, I found out a lot more about prophecy and my whole life makes so much more sense now. I have often been overcome by extreme senses at certain times. I carry people's burdens very heavily. I can't help but to speak the truth. I call it exactly how I see it, only now, the Lord has let me know, this is okay, as long as I am using it for kingdom purposes.

He has had me in Matthew 10 very heavily lately and recently, through a friend, 2 Timothy. I have been persecuted for acknowledging that there is a difference between one simply calling themselves "Christian" and really being a  Christ-follower. I have been lambasted for acknowledging and confronting the fact that so many of us call ourselves Christians, but have yet to pick up our crosses. How are we to save the lost when we appear to be them? How?

I have been told not to judge, there is only one judge. Quite frankly, I believe too often, we use that as an excuse. It's amazing how swift one is to use that scripture when they feel convicted by something you have said! I also find it amazing that if one knows not a single other verse in the bible, they certainly know, judge not. I find it sad.

We all sin, yes. We have grace yes, but the bible is very clear we are to flee from wickedness and turn away from sin! We are to do our best to NOT sin. Not just sin, bask in it and cry grace and forgiveness later! For proclaiming this, I have been scolded. By God's grace, I'm going to keep pushing forward. Seeking and evangelizing as well as correcting my brothers and sisters in Christ, with love and in truth.

My only burning desire is to SAVE! I want to save! I need to save. They insult me, I'm blessed, they persecute me, I'm blessed. I am doing His work. I can rest peacefully in that.

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