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Above Rubies Testimony...Original!

I am so humbled that Above Rubies published my article on choosing life for my twins. I have noticed that in the past few weeks since it was published, there have been quite a few more visitors here. Bless you all! I wanted to share the original of the article, as what was published had quite a bit edited out, I believe due to space issues. Here goes!

It all started with them!

One of the most popular pro-choice arguments I hear, surround young ladies who chose not to wait until marriage for intimacy and became pregnant. It is presumed that abortion is somehow acceptable in this case. That young girl that became pregnant, that was me. That girl that decided she made a mistake and thus aborted, that was not me.

I grew up godless and delighted in indulging myself with whatever my heart desired. September 2002, I had just begun my junior year in high school, just turned 16 and I got pregnant. I was terrified. I did not want it to be true. Like all of the girls in my school, I thought pregnancy in high school could never happen to me. I was mortified to tell my mother. Her motto was, "get pregnant in my house and you have to get out." (I love my mother and do not fault her for this. It has been redeemed.) 

Once I became pregnant however, abortion was never a thought in my head, even though I knew it meant I would have to leave. I was around six weeks pregnant and faced extreme pressure from family to abort. I was told that my life would be over, that I would amount to nothing, and that any chance I had at success would disappear if I decided to follow through with my pregnancy. Still, I maintained my stance, I would not terminate. 

For two weeks, I was told daily to hurry and seek an abortion because I was almost nine weeks, it would soon be too late. For the last time, I said I would not. The next week, I went in for my first check-up and I experienced the shock of my life. There were two heartbeats! I was carrying twins, identical twins! 

The emotional experience that ensued thereafter was one of confusion, excitement, fear and elation. I did not know it was possible to experience such an array of emotions. Upon leaving the hospital, I informed my parents that I was having twins and the disappointment was unmistakable. I however, had no fear of my future. I felt peace and was confident that I was making the right choice. I went home that night and imagined what a tragedy it would have been, for me to have given in to the pressure and sought an abortion. I would have taken not one, but two precious lives. I was so grateful to not have to live with that on my conscience.

My mother stuck to her word and because I did not abort, I had to leave. I was homeless; no one in my family knew where I was living for six months. In my sixth month of pregnancy and when winter was in full effect, I went to live with an aunt, I am very thankful for her taking me in. Despite the stress of pregnancy, homelessness, and attending school, I persevered. 

At 35 weeks I went into labor. On Wednesday, May 22, 2002, I gave birth to two healthy little girls. It was a day that I will not soon forget. My mother eventually came around. She was there for the delivery and I am very happy to say that she and my father are a part of my children’s lives!

I went on to graduate high school, one year early! I had never given up and graduated in July after having my daughters. In addition to that, I married my high school sweetheart, went on to college and graduated in 2007. It can be done!

The best thing in all of this story, is that my daughters know that babies are a gift, a reward. They are now 10 years old and recently wrote my husband and I a letter thanking us for not aborting them! These are two little girls who understand that they had the extreme potential to have been killed, if it weren't for their mother not conforming to this world. Romans 12:2 has become one of my life verses.

My husband and I finally came to know the Lord in 2011 and in retrospect, I see that He was with me and had a plan for me all along, even when I did not acknowledge Him. He protected and comforted me in my darkest hour. He was the peace and confidence that I felt when I made the decision not to abort. We have since turned ALL of the details of our lives over to Him. 

Through my twins and my other children, I have been immensely blessed. I did not sacrifice anything in my life by having my girls, thus they are not a sacrifice. I chose not to condemn the innocent and I consider them to be recipients of mercy. The Lord desires mercy, not sacrifice and there is mercy for the merciful. I am so grateful for God’s will and His plan for the lives of my children.

It is because of my truth and the work that the Lord has done in me, that I feel led to encourage women to choose life! Even our twins have their own testimony on abortion at 10 years old! They are very grateful for their lives and have also felt the spirit leading them to contribute to the pro-life cause. I have been told that I should mind my own business and let women choose what is best for them. However, I believe the Word and Jesus says that we are the Salt and Light of this world. I believe I am here with the purpose of encouraging women to seek the Lord in all things and lean not on their own understanding.

I pray that I may encourage mothers who have aborted, to seek His redemptive and forgiving power. "if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness." I also pray fervently, that I may help women find the value of their child’s life in the Lord, when society tells them to do otherwise.

My babies hindered me from nothing in life, because I didn't believe they would. We often underestimate the power of the will of the Lord, manifested in the human spirit. I wouldn't conform and I'm so glad I didn't!

*I’m currently enjoying homeschooling, homemaking and living to glorify God!

Here is some of the goodness that the Almighty has drenched us with! 

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