Saturday, November 9, 2013

October review!

October is my favorite month! Creation screams beauty in the fall season. The beautiful array of colors, the cool, crisp air, the smells of fall and fewer bugs! 

October has come and passed and it was a busy month for us. Here's much of what happened:

October 1 - My elation, it's October!

October 5 - My amazing husband's 29th birthday!

October 7 - My in-laws came to visit.

October 8 - I learned to sew! My in-laws bought me a sewing machine for my birthday. My mother in law taught me how to use it this day! 

October 9 - Family photo shoot.

This is our family! Hint, my sweet in-laws are the two in the middle. 

October 12 - We enjoyed our county's Public Safety Appreciation day

We got to watch as the firemen demonstrated how they use the 
"jaws of life" to take to roof off a car.

 Decorating pumpkins

Trying out a police car

Watching a SWAT demonstration

October 15 - The Accident-prone child is at it again. This time, she broke her elbow. :-(

In the midst of the pain, on the way to the ER. Her sisters made her a sling. 
CPR/First Aid training comes in handy!

Post medicine, she is a happy girl again. Albeit, an exhausted one. 

 October 20 - Noah got even cuter...if that's possible.

October 26 - Our county held a trick or treat village. 

I may be missing a few things, but I'm pretty sure this is the majority of our adventures in October. 

So, what fun things do you enjoy in the fall? Please share. :-)

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